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Short-,medium and long-range air-defense missile systems - Dream to live clean?

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Modernization of combat vehicles 9A33- BM2 from air-defense missile system 9K33 configuration is fulfilled with the aim to extend its lifetime, improve technical characteristics by transfer on a modern element base.

All supplied assemblies, units from the mounting kit have resource of 10 000 hours.
All supplied goods for modernization pass full cycle of factory tests, which determined by military standards of the Republic of Belarus, these tests even include reliability inspection.

S 125 2

“Pechora-2BM” S-125-2BM upgraded air defense missile system with 5V27D air defense guided missile is a mobile upgraded air defense missile system intended for destroying manned and unmanned air attack weapons at short and average ranges, on head-on, lead-collision and pursuit courses, flying at low, medium and high altitudes, in low and high interference signaling environment within the system engagement areas.
ADMS can be used for destroying ground (surface) radar-contrast targets.