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Ammunition - Dream to live clean?

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SFTUE “Belvneshpromservice” offers the supply of:
  • anti-tank guided missiles: 9М111-2 «Fagot», 9М113 «Konkurs», 9М112 «Kobra», 9М114 «Shturm»;
  • small-arms ammunition of caliber range from 5.45 mm to 14.5 mm;
  • aircraft ammunition:

    • air bombs:

    • caliber 500 kg: different modifications of high-explosive, high-explosive fragmentation bombs;
    • caliber 250 kg: different modifications of high-explosive bombs;
    • caliber 100 kg: different modifications of high-explosive bombs.

    • aircraft guided missiles:

    • “air-to-surface” type;
    • “air-to-air” type;

    • aircraft unguided rockets of different modifications;

    • air cartridges of different calibers: 12.7 mm, 23 mm, 30 mm;
    • mine-laying means:

    • trailed minelayers;
    • helicopter minelayers.