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Electronic warfare - Dream to live clean?

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“Groza-S” station enables the following tasks:
- automatic search, detection, UAV direction-finding based on emissions from data transfer channel (downlink, UAV – ground control post);
- automatic search, detection, GCP (ground control post) direction-finding based on emissions from control channel (uplink, GCP – UAV);
- UAV zone positioning (patrolling) and GCP zone positioning when two “Groza-S” stations operate in a pair (as a complex);
- technical analysis of the signals used in UAV control and data transfer channels;
- jamming UAV control channels (uplink);
- jamming data transfer links to GCP (downlink);
- jamming on-board hardware of GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou satellite navigation systems;
- spoofing on-board hardware of GPS satellite navigation system.


Optima-B” System (GPS Satellite Navigation System Terminal Spoofing Jammer)

GPS satellite system terminal spoofer “Optima-B” (hereinafter, the “Optima-B”) is designed to generate and radiate, in real time, the signals whose characteristics and parameters are identical to characteristics and parameters of the signals generated by the GPS satellites at an assigned navigation receivers’ station point. The simulated signals can be recognized by the navigation receivers as true ones, which will result in false determination of the object’s current coordinates.