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Radio intelligence - Dream to live clean?

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- automatic search, detection, determination of bearing and coordinates of the radio sources (when operating in a mated pair), technical analysis of ground and aerial VHF/UHF fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping (with up to 1000 hops-per-second rate in 30 MHz band) radio emissions;
- reception and decoding of “Mode S” aerial platform identification signals, display of trajectories of aerial platforms emitting “Mode S” signals;
The main capabilities:
- Search, detection and direction-finding of new RES within the assigned parts of the 30-3000 MHz frequency band.
- Measurement of parameters of the detected RES signals.


Complex “Cuirasse-U” is designed for:
searching for, detecting, direction finding, measuring the parameters of signals, determining the type and identity of airborne radio assets;
determining the coordinates of the platforms carrying the detected radio assets, during the use of the complex from several (not less than 3) conjugate stations “Cuirasse-U”.
In the process of operation, each “Cuirasse-U” station resolves the following basic missions:
- detecting signals of radiating airborne radio assets (RA) within the working frequency range at up to 450 km distances;
- measuring the frequency and time parameters of the detected signals;
- analyzing the measured signal parameters and identifying those by comparing the measured parameters with the data stored in the memory;
- determining the Hull number and barometric height in the process of tracking aerial targets, based on decoding the transponder signals;