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Simulators - Dream to live clean?

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SFTUE “Belvneshpromservice” offers:

Supply of:

  • aviation training systems (simulators) for aircraft, helicopters and flight command and control teams of airborne vehicles such as:
    • L-39 (all modifications);
    • Su-25;
    • MiG-29 (all modifications);
    • Su-22;
    • Su-27;
    • Mi-8 (all modifications);
    • Mi-24 (all modifications).
  • multi-purpose simulators for training of armored vehicles’ crews:
    • Т-55, Т-72 (all modifications);
    • BMP-1, BMP-2;
    • BTR-60, BTR-70;
    • BRDM-2.
    • anti-tank missile system operators;
    • grenade launcher operators;
    • riflemen.

Development and production of:

  • aviation training systems (simulators) for different types of air vehicles;
  • simulators for all types of automobile and armored vehicles.