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Autonomous simulators for training the UAVs operators - Dream to live clean?

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Автомобильный рынок

- Training of UAV operators in principles of UAS usage;
- Quality control of training of UAV operators without the usage of standard means of UAS.
Possibilities of simulator:
The simulator makes it possible to perform practical training of UAV operators in performing of the following functions:
- Performing of autonomous functional control of UAV;
- Creation, editing and input of a flying mission in UAV;
- Correction of flying mission in the course of UAV flight;
- Generation of commands to control UAV flight;
- Generation of commands to control payload;
- Recording of parametric and visual data from an on-board recording device;
- Operation in emergency situation;
- Analysis of recorded data and preparation of report.
UAV has a number of training assignments developed to increase operator’s skills. Instructor can simulate arising of various emergency situations while trainee is performing a train mission.
The simulator composition:
- Automated work station of UAV operator based on laptop (model of a standard version of the land control station);
- Means of recording;
- Special-purpose simulating software.