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Multi-functional helicopter-type systems - Dream to live clean?

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Unmanned aerial vehicle of the series “INDELA – I.N.SKY” represents an aerial vehicle with one inner combustion engine which operates on high-octane gasoline. The UAV is equipped with avionics complex which provides in an automatic mode: take-off, flight, landing of UAV with the possibility of hovering over the object for mission fulfillment and also the control of payload and on-board part of data transmission system. 

UAV is designated for fulfillment of the assignments:
- Real time terrain surveillance;
- Detection of objects and tracking them;
- Determination of coordinates of detected objects;
- Transmission of video-data either in visible or in IR ranges.
UAV can be used in day and night time, in unaffected and restrictly complicated meteorological conditions, performing automatic take-off and landing from unequipped sites with dimension of 30x30m.


Power of engine VANKEL (4 cycle, rotor, water-cooled)

26 kW

Fuel consumption

5-8 kg/h

Length with rotary propellers

3 787 mm


3 052 mm

Diameter of lifting propellers

3 400 mm


1 346 mm

Base of chassis

1 180 mm

Maximum take-off weight

140 kg

Standard fuel margin

25 kg

Cruising speed of low altitude flight

70 km/h

Endurance of flight (height 100-500 m)

from 3h up to 5h

Operating temperature (Temperature condition is restricted by the capabilities of the operating range of electronic components as well as operating temperature of the engine.)

Multi-functional helicopter-type systems -