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Theatre-of-war systems “Grif” - Dream to live clean?

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«Grif-100E» unmanned aerial system«Grif–100E» system is used to perform air optical – electronic and radiation reconnaissance of the terrain, electronic countermeasures, detection of emergencies and their estimation.

- up to four unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV);
- replaceable payloads:
• Gyro-stabilized optical and electronic system (GOES), used for specific reconnaissance in visual and infrared range;
• Onboard radiation control equipment (ORCE), used for operational air radiation reconnaissance of the terrain;
• Jamming equipment JE and JE-3, used for jamming the receivers of satellite radio-navigation systems GPS and GLONASS, satellite communication systems INMARSAT, THURAYA, IRIDIUM;
- ground control station (GCS) for mission automation being specifically solved by the UAV when conducting preset tasks;
- means of ground support:
• Maintenance vehicle used to prepare the UAV for mission, for conducting maintenance support and repair;
• Transport vehicle for transporting and independent unloading of containers with UAV, search and delivery of the emergency landed UAV.






Ground control station mounted on off-road capacity chassis
Operators’ automated workstations



External view of maintenance vehicle
External view of maintenance vehicle covered with tent
Operator’s automated workstation
Equipment layout inside the vehicle
Transport vehicle external view
Transport vehicle external view with UAV placed in container

When conducting the air reconnaissance:

  • surveillance in the preset area over the land (water) surface, acquiring thermal and TV picture o the terrain in real time;
  • automated search and detection of ground (above-water) objects, determining coordinates of detailed objects;
  • automatic tracking of ground (above-water) objects selected by the operator, determining their speed and direction;
  • providing users with reconnaissance information in real time.

Support in detecting the gamma sources during the radiation detection.
Supporting the radio-electronic suppression of the radio-electronic communication means and radionavigation during the electronic countermeasures.

Number of simultaneously controlled UAV Up to 2 pcs.
UAV takeoff, flight and landing In automatic and automated modes
Takeoff mode Running takeoff/catapult-launched
Landing mode Running landing/using parachute
UAV operating mode Up to 100 km
Static UAV flight ceiling Up to 3000 m
UAV cruising flight speed Within 120-140 km/h
Flight time Max 5 hours
UAV weight Max 180 kg

The feature of the system is to control simultaneously either one or two unmanned aerial vehicles.
The UAV takeoff can be made in automatic mode from airfields and unpaved sites (running takeoff) as well as using the catapult. The landing is made in automatic mode on airfields and soil sites (running landing) as well as using the parachute.
UAV flight and its onboard equipment operation outside direct radio visibility is performed in the automatic mode under the preset program.
The complex can carry out assigned tasks in visual and instrument weather conditions and can be used in autonomous mode (if airfield network is not available).
«Grif–100E» unmanned aircraft system can be integrated into current or perspective automated control systems for troops and weapon.
The warranty period for the supplied system is 12 months.
The product life cycle is at least 15 years since the date of commissioning.
Supplier’s quality management system has been certified to meet the requirements of СТБ ISO 9001-2009.


UAV takeoff
UAV landing
Shooting with thermal vision camera
Shooting with camera in daytime
Shooting with TV camera at 1500 m height
Auto-tracking the moving object