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Unmanned aerial systems for environmental monitoring installed on airships - Dream to live clean?

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Detailed monitoring of terrain and objects in dense forest via canopies of trees, tracking of mowing objects from board of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and transmission of data received via radio channel to GCS and to other remote users in a close to real time mode.

Unmanned aerial system based on airship with flight range up to 50 km enables detailed monitoring with speed up to 40 km/h in daylight and nightlight hours. The airship is equipped with integrated gyro-stabilized video, photo, TV cameras and other payload. Depending on installed payload UAS can be employed for detection of emergency situations, monitoring of condition of territories with oil and gas pipelines, for anti-pouching, land cadastre and mapping solutions, state borders control including vast forest area, monitoring of agricultural lands, monitoring of power lines and atmosphere condition, movie making and natural landscapes video recording, placement of advertisement on airship etc.

System composition:
- UAV based on airship;
- DMA;
- spare parts, tools and accessories kit;
- technical facilities;
- module of receiving-transmitting equipment;
- standard set of payload installed (gyro-stabilized video, photo, infrared and multispectral camera or integrated TV and IR modules).

 Technical characteristics

 Type 1

 Type 2

 Power unit 

 2-4 electromotors

 ICE, 2 pcs

 Maximum take-off weight, kg

 23-30 or more


 Hull length*, m



 Hull diameter*, m



 Flight speed range, km/h



 Maximum flight altitude, m

 up to 500

 up to 500

 Flight range, km
 (in condition of direct radiation sight and normal air conditions)

 up to 50

 up to 50

 Flight endurance, h
 (at zero wind and air speed up to 3.7 m/s)

 up to 4

 up to 6

 Maximum payload weight, kg

 up to 1.5


 *There is a possibility to produce UAS with bigger hull length and diameter