Power amplifier "HF 100 W"

Power amplifier "HF 100 W"

Area of usage:

- tactical link of the management of the Armed Forces
- equipping of command stations of the armed forces, control stations and communication centres of squadrons, divisions, batallions.

Main functions:

- support of operation modes of radio station "Rapsodia"
- automatic connection setup
- pseudorandom hopping of operating frequency
- transmission of voice information
- data transmission

Technical characteristics of radio station

Frequency range: 1,5 – 30  MHz 
Output power:  20; 50; 100 W
Interfaces: RS 485 – coupling with radio station "Rapsodia"; RS 485 – coupling with automatic antenna tuning unit
Operating temperature range: from minus 400С up to plus 550С
Stable communication range: 25-100 km