Counter-multicopter radio electronic gun “Groza-R”

Counter-multicopter radio electronic gun “Groza-R”

The counter-multicopter electronic warfare gun “Groza-R” serves to prevent unsanctioned entry of small-size UAVs in the territory of protected facilities by means of jamming of UAV control channels and on-board hardware of GPS and GLONASS navigation systems. 

Technical characteristics

Frequencies of control channels jammed

2,4–2,485 GHz 

5,72–5,85 GHz

Frequencies of navigation systems GPS (L1) and GLONASS (L1) jammed

1,574–1,576 GHz
1,598–1,605 GHz

Jamming range of UAV navigation system

up to 5 km

Jamming range of UAV control channel

up to 2 km

Continuous radiation time

60 min

Time of warfare against one UAV

0,5–2 min

Power source

rechargeable battery

Weight (gun with case) 

18 kg


jamming signal shaping unit;
rechargeable battery;
antenna system (composed of three antennas) installed on the gun fore end;
man-portable container-backpack (the container houses the signal shaping unit and storage battery);
power-on and radiation-on control elements are installed on the gun body;
collimator sight.