Antitank guided missiles

It is incorporated in antitank missile system, which includes, except antitank guided missiles themselves, launcher with guidance and missile flight control system, as well as sometimes carrier (automobile, special combat vehicle or infantry combat vehicle, armored vehicle, assault aircraft or helicopter). SFTUE "Belvneshpromservice" supplies: 9М111-2 "Fagot", 9М113 "Konkurs", 9М112 "Kobra", 9М114 "Shturm".

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"Shturm-B" system

"Shturm-B" system is designated to defeat modern tanks, infantry combat vehicles, launchers  of antitank guided missiles and antiaircraft guided missiles, reinforced concrete pillboxes, earth covered structures, low-flying and low-speed air targets, as well as opponent's manpower in shelters.

"Konkurs-M" system

Technical performance ATGM 9М113: Missile length: with 1165 mm; length of transport and launching container with missile 1260-1263 mm. Diameter: 135 mm. Wings spread: 468 mm.  Firing range: day - 75-4000 m, night - 75-3500 m.  Weight of portable launcher 9P135M; 22 kg.  Launch weight of missile: 14,5 kg (<=17 kg 9M113M). Weight of missile in transport and launching container 25,3 kg (<=27,4 kg 9M113M).

"Kobra" system    

"Kobra" is a soviet system of radio-command guided tank weapon designated to combat tanks, armored vehicles, small-sized targets such as reinforced concrete pillboxes, earth covered structures and low-flying helicopters.
Fire can be conducted from standard 125 mm smooth bore cannon 2A46 of tanks T-64, T-72 and T-80.
Technical performance:

“Fagot” System

“Fagot” is a Soviet portable anti-tank missile system with semi-automatic command wiring guidance.
It is designated to hit visually observable targets both stationary and moving at the speed of up to 60 km/h (enemy armoured vehicles, shelters and fire assets) at the distance of up to 2 km, by the missile 9М113 – up to 4 km.