Laser range finders and ranging systems

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“Zenith” Laser Range Finder Module

“Zenith” Laser Range Finder Module is intended for determination of a distance to the object which is located within the field of view of the transmitting lens.

“Lotus M-1.8” Laser Range Module

“Lotus M-1.8” Laser Range Module is designated for integration into the completed systems of different purposes, including air defense systems. It ensures distance measurement up to the high-speed objects in real time.

“Argos” Laser Range Finder


 “Argos” Laser Range Finder is mounted on the tripod that has the fastening screw with the thread 1/4’.

Indicators and reticle illumination for conducting measurements in the twilight.

Built-in inclinometer, digital magnet compass, GPS-receiver are supplied as per agreement with the Customer.