Disposal and Recycling of Ammunition

Disposal and Recycling of Ammunition

SFTUE “Belvneshpromservice” offers the following services:

  • ammunition disposal;
  • development and production of special equipment for ammunition disposal and recycling;
  • development and provision of technologies and technical documents specifying the regulations for ammunition disposal and recycling.
SFTUE “Belvneshpromservice”

SFTUE “Belvneshpromservice” offers the supply of:

  • facilities for disposal of artillery rounds fuzes;
  • rotor-type armored furnaces for disposal and recycling of small arms cartridges, ammunition components and projectiles of caliber up to and including 30 mm;
  • facilities for disposal of ammunition charged with PFM anti-personnel landmines which contain liquid explosives;
  • gas purification systems.

The technology for disposal of phosphorus-containing (smoke-type) ammunition and solid-propellant missiles we have developed the technology.