“Pechora-2BM” S-125-2BM Upgraded Air Defense Missile System (ADMS)

“Pechora-2BM” S-125-2BM Upgraded Air Defense Missile System (ADMS)

“Pechora-2BM” S-125-2BM upgraded air defense missile system with 5V27D air defense guided missile is a mobile upgraded air defense missile system intended for destroying manned and unmanned air attack weapons at short and average ranges, on head-on, lead-collision and pursuit courses, flying at low, medium and high altitudes, in low and high interference signaling environment within the system engagement areas.

ADMS can be used for destroying ground (surface) radar-contrast targets.

Upgrade Purposes

1. Increasing ADMS combat capabilities.
2. Increasing ADMS survivability.
3. Improvement of operation possibilities of combat crew when performing ADMS control, increasing combat employment convenience, training organization.
4. Ensuring modern electronic countermeasures.
5. Increasing operation convenience, reducing maintenance and repair time, reducing maintenance costs.
6. Increasing reliability, restoration of service life, reducing operation costs and providing performance capabilities for long operation period.

ADMS Limit Performance

Performance Sizing Value
1. Engaged target range km 3.5...30
2. Engaged target altitude m 20...20000
3. Maximum course parameter km 16.5
4. Ranging rate of engaged targets m/s minus 300…700
5. Antijamming capability (active interference), from 100 km distance along antenna radiation pattern side lobes W/MHz up to 2000
6. Passive interference suppression rate dB 30
7. Response time (from the moment of target detection till pressing “Launch” button) s 15
8. Set-up/tear-down time min 25
9. Mean time between failures of communications electronics equipment hour 1000