“ROSA-Е” low-flying target detection radar system

“ROSA-Е” low-flying target detection radar system

“Rosa” is designed for automatic detection and tracking of low-altitude aerial platforms and output of track information to an automated control system. 
- from 1 to 5 autonomous low-altitude target detection radar sets (LARS);
- remote control system;
- SPTA set.

- absence of moving parts due to use of a ring-shaped solid-state phased array;
- use of digital synthesis of the probing signal and digital processing of the received signal;
- effective detection of low-flying small-RCS aerial platforms;
- operator-free automatic operation;
- fully automatic functional check;
- high radar concealment and jamming immunity.

Performance characteristics:

Parameter Value
Frequency range X – band

Detection envelope:

azimuth, deg
range, m
elevation, deg
altitude, m


0-360 or within the assigned sector
≤ 30

Detection range of a target with 1 m2 RCSmoving at 25 m 
height with at least 25 km/h range rate, for 0.5 detection probability, km


Target tracking characteristics:

root mean square error of azimuth determination, deg
RMSE of ranging, m
number of targets tracked simultaneously
number of tracks outputted simultaneously


≤ 0,45
≤ 50
≥ 30
≥ 30

Reach distance for enemy ELINT, km ≤ 12,5
Activation time (including functional check), min ≤ 5
Information update rate, s ≤ 10
MTBF, hrs 500
MTTR, using SPTA parts, min maximum 30
Service life till first overhaul, years (hrs) 10 (18 000)
Service life, years (hrs) 20 (36 000)