Long-range unmanned aerial system “BUREVESTNIK” (hereinafter referred to as UAS) for video monitoring of terrain and objects. UAS “BUREVESTNIK” is employed for supervision of large areas, extended objects and terrain, information acquisition and transfer to users in a real time mode and at any time of day or night.
UAS “BUREVESTNIK” has been designed and produced in the Republic of Belarus. UAS has passed the whole round of state acceptance tests and at present is being successfully exported.

UAS composition:
- unmanned aerial vehicle (up to 5);
- stationary or mobile (based on vehicle) GCS;
- module of receiving-transmitting equipment (up to 2 sets);
- set of payload (module of optoelectronic and radiation monitoring);
- spare parts, tools and accessories kit;
- ground support facilities;
- set of operational documentation.

- control of state borders and adjacent areas;
- monitoring of territories around objects of special importance and video receipt in a real time mode;
- target detection, artillery fire correction, acquisition of intelligence data at large distances in a real time mode at any time of day or night;
- radiation monitoring of required area, assessment of emergency situations development;
- monitoring of territories of national parks, reserves, water areas, anti-pouching in daylight and nightlight hours;
- detection and detaining of traffic laws violators, search of disappeared in hard-to-reach places;
- elaboration of research products of land arrangement, land cadastre and land monitoring.

Types of used Unmanned Aerial System (hereinafter referred to as UAS):

Оперативно-тактический комплекс «Буревестник»

Performance data:

  UAS Burevestnik
Type of fuel, used fuel internal combustion, high-octane gasoline
Maximum take-off weight, kg. up to 210
Complete flying  wingspan, mm. 7300
Flight endurance, h. up to 6
Speed, km./h. 80 - 120
Altitude ceiling, m. up to 5000
Maximum range of usage, km 290
Payload optoelectronic monitoring module and radiation monitoring module.
Type of take off/landing aircraft-type
Operation crew, persons 3 - 5

Types of payload


Optoelectronic monitoring

Модуль оптико-электронного мониторинга

Radiation monitoring

Модуль радиационного мониторинга


Модуль радиационного мониторинга