NV/G-16M Night Vision Goggles

NV/G-16M Night Vision Goggles

NV/G-16M Night Vision Goggles – light optoelectronic night vision system that can be mounted on the helmet or helmet-mask with no hands. They are designated for finding one’s bearings, observation of objects at nighttime, execution of various types of works (medical aid rendering, reading, driving etc.) under low illumination conditions. The goggles can be used in combination with laser target designators of collimator sighs for targeting of the small arms.


Performance characteristics

Image intensifier tube

super generation 2+

Resolution of image intensifier tube, lp/mm

no less than 56

Visible magnification, ratio


Angular field of view, deg


Lens focusing range, m

0,25… ∞

Interpupillary distance, mm


Eyepiece diopter adjustment range, dptr

-4 +4

Power source

cells of the type AA (COTS)

Overall dimensions, mm

no more than 180x125x80

Weight, kg

no more than 0,45

Operating temperature range, °C

-30… +50

Storage temperature range, °C

-30… +60