NV/M-19 Night Monocular

NV/M-19 Night Monocular


It is intended for use in law enforcement agencies, special subunits and other defense and law enforcement agencies for visual observation and targeting in combination with laser target designators or collimator sights under conditions of night illumination.

The monocular can be mounted on a helmet, a helmet-mask or a support or simply can be kept in hands.

At will of the Customer the night vision goggles can be equipped with the adapter for army helmets of various modifications.


Performance characteristics

Image intensifier tube

generation 2+ or 3

Visible magnification, ratio


Angular field of view, deg


Diopter adjustment range, dptr


Power source

2×AA or 2×CR123

Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Operating temperature range, ºС

-40… +50