RSP-2W Collimator Sight

RSP-2W Collimator Sight


It guarantees targeting by direct pointing as well as aiming during shooting from behind the horizontal and vertical protective shelters (crests of entrenchments, corners of buildings, window sills, trunks of trees, stones etc.). Created on the basis of PK-01VP Collimator Sight.

In addition it can be equipped with the television sight with the secure radio channel, eye display with indication, adaptive butt of a special design.

It is free from parallax. The aluminium tight case filled with nitrogen. Convenient and fast ranging of the weapon (the open sight is well seen within the field of view).

There is a possibility to conduct shooting at night in combination with Night Vision Goggles of the type NV/G-14, Night Vision Monoculars of the type NV/M-19.


Performance characteristics

Visible magnification, ratio


Aiming mark brightness gradation number


Elevation/azimuth adjustment range, ang. deg, min


Angle of rotation of the eyepiece attachment, ang, deg


Angle between exit window optical axes, ang. deg


Power source

one alkaline cell or accumulator of the type AA (COTS)

Rated voltage, V

1,5 (1,2)

Continuous operation time without battery replacement, hrs., min


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg, max


Operating temperature range, °C

-40… +55

Battery discharge indicator


High Gloss