TV/S 25 Thermal Image Sights

TV/S 25 Thermal Image Sights

- They ensure round-the-clock aiming and observation of the terrain.

- They are effectively used from the launchers (of the type RPG-7, RPG-29 etc) and different kinds of automatic small arms.

- They can not be put out of operation by any light hindrances.

- Rain, smoke, dust or fog do not effect significantly on the range of division.

- They can be mounted on the guide strip of the type “Picatinny rail MIL STD 1913” or on the lateral strip (being stipulated in the order).

- The aiming reticles are being adapted for the weapons on demand of the customer. The ballistic corrections and reticle adjustment are being carried out by electronic method.

- The sights are equipped with the slot which enables to display the video being observed in the eyepiece on external devices, as well as to introduce to the field of view video information from the external sources. The sights can be equipped with the video registrator.

- Power supply of the sights is being carried out from two accumulator batteries of the type 18650.


Spectral range is 8-10 mkm.

Lens focal distance is 25 mm.

Micro display type is OLED, 800×600 pixels.

Minimal reportable temperature difference is 0,04 K.

Weight is no more than 0,9 kg.

Operating temperature range is from -40 to +50 °C.



Matrix format – 640х512

Pixel size – 0,017 mm

Visible magnification – 1,0x

Pixel angular size – 0,68 mrad

Field of view – 23,5х19,2°

Detection range

(man/vehicle) – 1250 / 1830 m

Recognition range

(man/vehicle) – 420 / 600 m

Identification range

(man/vehicle) – 210 / 300 m

TV/S 25

Matrix format – 324х256

Pixel size  – 0,025 mm

Visible magnification – 1,4x

Pixel angular size –  1,0 mrad

Field of view – 18,0х14,4°

Detection range

 (man/vehicle) – 850/1250 m

Recognition range

 (man/vehicle) – 300/400 m

Identification range

 (man/vehicle) – 150/200 m