Acoustic generator "ARB-GA-Fakir"

Acoustic generator "ARB-GA-Fakir"

Acoustic generator "ARB-GA-Fakir" is designated for the creation of interference to dictaphones, radiomicrophones and other unauthorized devices for voice information retrieval.
In order to assure confidentiality of the in-house negotiations generator of voice-like interference "FAKIR" forms the voice-like interference of complex spectrum, which neutralize the operation of acoustic information retrieval devices or considerably disrupts its normal operation. 

Peculiar features
•    Applied algorithm for generating "voice-like signal" interference with signal fragments selected as per pseudo-random sequence excludes the possibility of information recovery by modern sound cleaning and processing devices. 
•     Comparing to "white" noise the voice-like acoustic interference enables to mask voice information at noise levels that are lower at 8 – 10 dB.
•    Small size and autonomous power supply of the item allow using it in office and automobile.
•    When it is necessary to protect voice information in spacious rooms the item can be connected with active external acoustic systems.

Main technical characteristics

 Type of generated interference       Voice-like noise 
 Acoustic frequencies range       300 – 3400 Hz
 Maximum sound pressure       80 dB
 Interference signal voltage at the line output       0,2 V
 Power supply      From the built-in rechargeable battery
 Full battery charge time        3 hours

 Continuous operation time when supplying power from the fully charged rechargeable battery depends on sound level and comprises     

 From 2 up to 8 hours
 Maximum current consumption       not more than 300 mA