Microprocessor field indicator "ARB IP VYMPEL"

Microprocessor field indicator "ARB IP VYMPEL"


Microprocessor radio emissions indicator "Vympel" is designated for:

•    operative detection at the working place (office, cabinet) of any listening devices that use radio channel for information transmission.

•    detection in the area of protected working place of concealed radio microphones, switched-on cells and radio phones that use digital standards (GSM, UMTS (3G), DECT, etc.).

•    detection at the working place of any other HF and VHF sources.
The construction enables to build the item in different cases, for example in casket, table quartz clock on stand, etc.
The main peculiar feature of the item is the possibility of individual adjustment of its sensitivity per each of four detection channels (analogue FM-emission, digital signals of GSM standards and signals of DECT standards).

Technical characteristics

 Operating frequencies range    

 0,05...2,6 GHz

 Number of sensitivity levels  



 light-emitting-diode, 4 channel


  exterior pin antennas

 Operation modes    


 Power supply    

 from the built-in battery 

 Overall dimensions    

 220x170x25 mm