Protection system of confidential negotiations "ARB-GA Comfort"

Protection system of confidential negotiations "ARB-GA Comfort"

System is customized as per the number of negotiators from 2 to 8.


The system is designated for the guaranteed protection of acoustic (voice) information when negotiating in unprepared (unprotected) rooms and prevents the unauthorized interception of this information by any acoustic control means – radio microphones, wired microphones, laser devices for remote retrieval, stethoscopes, any dictaphone types, directional microphones, as well as using technical means with "microphone effect" or devices that use "high frequency imposition".

Technical characteristics:



 Type of masking interference    

 acoustic, voice-like

 Frequencies band of masking interference     

 300...6000 Hz

 Quantity of protected objects  

  by order (from 2 to 8)

 Noise level generated by the loudspeaker of the main unit  

  80 dB

 Power supply of the main unit    

 220V, 50Hz, 12V

 Operation time from the battery    

 from 4...5 hours

 Current consumed by the main unit    

 400 mA

 Main unit dimensions