NV/S-18 Night Sight

NV/S-18 Night Sight



It is being mounted on submachine guns, Kalashnikov machine guns of all modifications and other automatic small arms which have a seat on a cover of the shotgun receiver – a guide strip of the type “Picatinny rail MIL-STD 1913” by means of a transition bracket.


It can be adapted for mounting on grenade launchers (of type RPG-7).


Performance characteristics


Image intensifier tube

generation 2+ or 3

Visible magnification, ratio


Angular field of view, ang. deg


Eyepiece diopter adjustment range, dptr


Elevation/azimuth adjustment range, ang. deg, min


Power source

2 alkaline cells or accumulators of the type AA (COTS)

Supply voltage, V

1,5 (1,2)

Set on a weapon

guide strip of the type “Picatinny rail  MIL-STD1913” installed by means of a transition bracket

Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Operating temperature range, °C

-40… +50

Adaptation for grenade launchers

by means of a special bracket and reticle replacement

Aiming mark brightness gradation number

(red colour, diode)


Control of power sources discharge


Electronic protection of image intensifier tube against external flashes