Acoustic generator "ARB-GA Trojan"

Acoustic generator "ARB-GA Trojan"

Acoustic generator "ARB-GA Trojan" and its external microphones are placed in the area of conversation (microphone should be located at distance of 0,5...1 m from the device in order to avoid acoustic feedback). During the conversation the voice signal modified by the microphone is sent to the electronic processing circuit, which eliminates the phenomenon of acoustic feedback ("microphone – loudspeaker") and transforms voice into signal that contains main spectral content of the original voice signal at the comparable sound level.
The device has voice activation circuit with adjustable activation threshold. Voice activation system (VAS) reduces the exposure duration of the voice interference on hearing ability that contributes to diminishing the fatigue while using the device. Besides, VAS increases the operation time of the device from the rechargeable battery. Voice-like interference of the device sounds simultaneously with the masked voice and its sound level depends on the sound level of the conversation. The intensity of the interference and its spectral content are similar to the original voice signal. When starting the device the unrepeated fragments of the voice-like interference are produced.
Small size and universal power supply allow using the device in office, automobile and any other unprepared place.

Technical characteristics


 Generated interference     

 voice-like noise, which sounds simultaneously with masked voice

 Interference frequency range  

  400...4000 Hz

 Interference signal strength    

 0,5 W

 Maximum voice pressure from the built-in loudspeaker

 80 dB

 Interference signal voltage at the line output at the maximum sound level    

 2,0 V

 Power supply    

 rechargeable battery 7,4 V

 Battery charge    

 from electric network 220 V using adapter of the set

 Full battery charge time     

 6 hours

 Operating battery capacity     

 1,0 A/h

 Continuous operation time from fully charged battery     

 up to 5 hours

 Maximum current consumption   

  200 mA
Dimensions     148x85x25 mm


 148x85x25 mm