Multifunctional system ARB-PM "KAPONIR-8"

Multifunctional system ARB-PM "KAPONIR-8"


Table system ARB-PM "KAPONIR-8" is designated for the technical restriction of the use of cellphones in the controlled territories and when conducting confidential events.

Technical characteristics:

Electromagnetic interference channel

 Frequencies range    

 GSM 900/1800,3G 

 Power supply voltage    

 From 3 to 5 V

Acoustic noise masking channel

Type of generated interference     


 Acoustic frequencies range   

  300 – 6400 Hz

 Maximum sound pressure     

 80 dB

General characteristics

 Number of blocking terminals    

 up to 8 pieces

 Power supply  

   Lilon 3600 mAh battery

 Continuous operation time from the built-in rechargeable battery  

  up to 2,5 h

 Overall dimensions    

 265x227x165 mm


 up to 2,5 kg