The MZKT-69225 special wheeled chassis in the composition of the upgraded Buk-MB surface-to-air missile system will be presented at the exhibition MILEX-2019 in Minsk

Companies, which are subordinate to the State Authority for Military Industry, are developing and Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant JSC manufactured the MZKT-692250 Example special wheeled chassis, which completed test runs during preliminary trials at the plant’s research centre. Then the chassis was handed over to OKB TSP SPLLC, where the relevant equipment was mounted on it. The MZKT-692250 chassis will undergo acceptance tests together with the Buk-MB’s systems during the trials of this SAM.

A universal soldier – the Berserk unmanned ground vehicle will be presented at the international exhibition of arms and military machinery MILEX-2019 in Minsk

BSVT – New Technologies LLC announced that they developed a new and promising product – the Berserk unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) in 2018 when on 3rd, July during the parade of Minsk garrison in commemoration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus it was demonstrated its prototype to wide public.

Small-Size X-Band Rodnik Radar Successfully Tested

In December 2018 the small-size X-band Rodnik radar proactively produced by KB Radar JSC – Managing Company of Radar Systems Holding in cooperation with SFTUE Belvneshpromservice was successfully tested.

KB Radar JSC developed a “city” version of radio electronic gun for jamming drones

Belarusian enterprise which is subordinate to the State Authority for Military Industry presented another advanced product – the Groza-R2 radio electronic gun for jamming UAVs.
As it was informed by KB Radar experts, a new counter-UAV gun is much more compact. In comparison with Groza-R, it is lighter and less powerful in radiation. It became possible due to the fact that the designers made the power and radiating units smaller and fitted them in a single block, which reduced the system’s weight to 7 kg, but the guaranteed range became about 500 metres.

Delegation of the Security Council of Uzbekistan is interested in the civilian equipment produced in Belarus

First of all, there is the interest in Uzbekistan in the goods produced at the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ). The park of passenger transport is expected to be renewed in Tashkent and other cities. When choosing the transport, our partners rely on the buses produced by MAZ because they possess the optimum ratio “price-quality”. 

“Berserk” – fighter with artificial intellect

Creation of modern samples of armament and military eqipment and deep modernization of the present ones in Belarus are one of the major factors providing defense capability of the country. The Head of the State Aleksandr Lukashenko stated this fact while examining home-produced samples of weapons and equipment during his visit to the military firing range in Ivatsevichi district.

Upgraded Aerial Scout

Specialists of OJSC “AGAT-Control Systems” – Managing Company of “Geoinformation Control Systems” Holding intend to reach new heights in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Individual Armour for Soldier

OJSC “Communication assets” (OJSC “Tekhnika Svyazi”) commercialized advanced and reliable protecting helmets “SKAT-S4”. Analysis of arms market demonstrates a stable demand for means of individual armour protection of the soldier on the battlefield. Moreover, by some products, such as specialised helmets, procurement volumes have increased by several times. Experts associate a surge in sales with the endeavour of the world’s leading armies command to save the most valuable resource – life and health of the soldier who is a combat system himself.

Belarusian Lightweight Rocket Launcher

Belarusian BSVT-VV LLC was established in 2015 to develop and produce advanced close combat weapons for the Belarusian Armed Forces and foreign customers. 

Head of the Belarusian delegation Dmitry Pantus held a series of meetings and negotiations with partners in military and technical cooperation

The 4th International Military and Technical Forum "Army-2018 - one of the largest world exhibitions of weapons and military vehicles" was initiated in Congress and Exhibition Center "Patriot" near Moscow on August 21, 2018. 
102 foreign delegations came to International Military and Technical Forum "Army-2018". This was reported by Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu at the opening ceremony of the Forum. 

Belarusian Military Industrial Complex will present its innovative, scientific and technical potential during the 4th international military and technical forum “Army-2018”

The 4th international military and technical forum “Army-2018” is scheduled to take place in “Patriot” Expocenter in Kubinka, Moscow Region, in the period August 21-26, 2018.
Over 1,200 major Russian companies, top design engineering bureaus, research and development institutes and foreign companies from 15 countries are expected to take part in the forum and present over 18,000 modern and upcoming products of defense and dual-use purpose.
Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan – CSTO partners, India, Iran, China, Pakistan, Slovakia, and Turkey will arrange national expositions.

Advanced wheeled chassis MZKT 7930 with hydromechanical transmission for updated MLRS "Polonez-M" qualified state trials

Within the framework of research and development work it was created an experimental model of updated wheeled chassis MZKT 7930 with hydromechanical transmission MZKT-7930-313, which is planned to be used as transport and drive base for combat and transport-loading machine (of items V-300BM and V-300TZM) from the composition of updated multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) "Polonez-M".
Updated chassis MZKT-7830 with hydromechanical transmission qualified all prescribed trials, on the results of which in June 2018 construction documentation was assigned with "O1" character.