KB Radar JSC Modernises the Groza-S Counter-UAV EW Station

Specialists of KB Radar JSC – Managing Company of Radar Systems Holding have improved the design and software of the Groza-S electronic warfare (EW) station. The innovations are based on the experience of operating this product against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in various climatic conditions, as well as at the users’ request.

Whistle Robotic System Passes the First Firing Tests

From 14 to 15 October 2020, the first field tests of the Whistle robotic system, developed by the specialists of BSVT – New Technologies LLC, took place at one of the Belarusian military training grounds. It was first demonstrated at the parade in Minsk in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
During the tests, the fire control system and other important components of the unmanned vehicle were tested.

Shkval Test-Fired Successfully

The prototype combat vehicle of the 122 mm Shkval multiple launch rocket system, developed by VOLATAVTO JSC, was successfully test-fired at the Osipovichsky firing range in late September. All the vehicle’s systems were tested, and the specified characteristics were confirmed.

Bogatyr-2 Knows No Fatigue

AGAT-Control Systems JSC took part in the technical support of the stages of the international competition of anti-aircraft missile troops units “Confident reception”, held annually within the framework of the International Army Games. The equipment of the combined radio station Bogatyr-2 provided stable satellite communications using the domestic communications BELINTERSAT-1 satellite, which allowed to organise live video broadcasts of the games among the cities of Minsk, Borisov, Baranovichi, Osipovichi and Grodno.

Groza-Z1 Works Without Noise

KB Radar JSC has developed and set up serial production of the Groza-Z1 complex for countering multicopters. It is designed to protect yachts, ships and other marine as well as ground objects from unauthorised intrusion by drones, which can be used for photo and video of private life or commercial activities, as well as for the delivery of dangerous items, including explosive devices.

«Groza-O» Second Generation

KB Radar JSC has released a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator detection system. The product consists of a flying platform with a radio direction finder mounted on it with a communications system, as well as an operator’s laptop.

Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant is developing an export version of a light armored vehicle

Currently, work is underway at OJSC “MZKT” to create a new model of military-technical vehicles. The novelty is a lightly armored 5-seater vehicle  MZKT-490101, which is designed to transport and protect the crew from being hit by small arms and the damaging factors of explosive devices.
The MZKT-490101 vehicle is all-wheel drive, with 4x4 wheel arrangement, with steered wheels of the first axle. The carrying capacity is 1800 kg.

Upgraded ATGM 9M114BM “Rumba” confirmed the stated characteristics

On July 8, at the 230th Obuz-Lesnovsky combined arms range, the first flight tests of the modernized supersonic anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) 9M114BM “Rumba” were carried out, designed to destroy various types of armored vehicles, low-flying air targets, defensive structures, low-tonnage surface targets, as well as manpower in shelters and in open areas.

Loitering Tube Strikes Against Ground Targets

As part of the practical training of strike unmanned aircraft systems specialists, Display Design Office JSC in 2020 completed more than 80 flights with the combat use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).
The Loitering Tube is equipped with RPG-26 anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades to destroy armoured vehicles, and also has the ability to apply small-sized aircraft bombs PTAB-2.5 and PTAB-10-5 to destroy area targets and enemy personnel, adapted by the Precise Electromechanics Factory (RPUE) specialists for the use with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Precision Electromechanics Factory Develops Air Target Simulators

The Design and Technological Department of the Precision Electromechanics Factory Republican Production Unitary Enterprise (RPUE) has completed two development projects (R&D) on the creation of air target simulators for anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM) with an optical homing seeker (based on the Grad 122-mm rocket), as well as for SAM with an optical homing seeker (based on an 80-mm unguided aircraft missile). This became known after state tests, held at the end of May 2020 at the 174th training ground of the Air Force and Air Defence.

MWTP JSC Develops Special Chassis

Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant is working to create a new model of military-technical vehicles — a special MZKT-692251 chassis, which is intended as the transport platform of the combat station of the wheeled version of the BUK-MB3K surface-to-air missile (SAM).
The new product will be all-wheel drive, have a 6 x 6 wheel arrangement with steered wheels of the first axis. The chassis load capacity determined by the mass of the mounted equipment will be 7 tonnes.

Multiple-launch rocket systems Fleita, Vistl unveiled during Victory Day parade in Minsk

Small-range multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) Fleita and Vistl were demonstrated for the first time before the public during the army parade in Minsk on 9 May.
The parade unit of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus featured cutting-edge weapon systems and military hardware. The small-range multiple-launch rocket systems Fleita and Vistl were among them.

Four overhauled assault aircraft Su-25 handed over to Belarusian army

A ceremony to hand over the fourth aircraft Su-25 repaired by OAO 558 Aircraft Repair Plant to the Belarusia Air Force took place in the Baranovichi airfield on 24 April.
The ceremony was the final step in executing the contract on overhauling four Su-25 aircraft for the Belarusian army. These aircraft had been overhauled ahead of the schedule specified by the contract.

Among the novelties of the military parade in Minsk - a modernized multiple launch rocket system “Hurricane M”

By efforts of OJSC “VOLATAVTO” the combat and transport-loading vehicles of the “Hurricane-M” multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) were modernized. New products with firing range of up to 36 km, which successfully passed firing tests in 2019, are made on the basis of the MAZ-631705 high cross-country chassis with 6x6 wheel arrangement, are equipped with modern means of navigation, communication and guidance process automation of the Belarusian production.


At the former air force exercise area Polessky, flight tests of the domestic guided surfaceto-air missile prototypes of the Buk-MB2 were carried out successfully.

Special Research Laboratory of Display Design Office Has a New Status

In March 2020, the special research laboratory of Display Design Office under the agreement with the Republican Unitary Enterprise Belarusian State Centre for Accreditation (BSCA) was granted the right to use the combined ILAC MRA mark of an accredited body in accordance with the scope of accreditation. This is evidence of its high competence and compliance with international requirements.